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My career started with nineteen amazing years working in the vibrant food and beverage industry. Looking for a new challenge I then spent ten years running various health clubs and then went on to head up regional and then national leisure sales teams. I’ve loved working in both of these wonderful industries and feel blessed to have worked with the portfolio of companies and people that I have along the way.

So after having my son River, I decided it was time for me to take my career in a new direction. I adore good food and I’m a real foodie at heart. Some of my fondest memories as child was being taught how to cook by my mother, whilst hearing all about her childhood antics and tales of life growing up in the West Indies. Those were fun times indeed!

I’ve always believed you should work in industries where your passions lie. So, after lots of soul searching with my husband Adam, I thought why not fuse all of my passions together and so this led to the birth of The Organic Larder. An artisan hub where the aim is to deliver freshly prepared meals each day, to the discerning and more health-conscious foodie.

The Organic Larder is not just passionate about food and health, but it’s passionate about YOU the customer! Our customers are the most important ingredient in our business. Delivering a great service and food experience to everyone that comes into our establishment, whether dining in or taking food away, is at the heart of everything that we do.

Delicious seasonal dishes using only the freshest premium quality ingredients, are the inspiration for The Organic Larder’s menus. This, coupled with the restaurant’s friendly, relaxed vibe and carefully chosen drinks list, makes The Organic Larder a firm favourite with locals. Whether you are a die-hard foodie, dropping by for a casual bite to eat, or simply picking up some treats from our larder or bakery range, myself and the team, can’t wait to welcome you in. So why not pop in and see us soon!

Although my Mother and close friends would say my lifelong obsession is fishing, actually they’d be wrong. As my wife, Hilary would tell you, my biggest love affair is one with food!

Simply put, there are those that live to eat and there are those for whom food matters a whole lot more. If you’ve read this far then I would guess that like me, you fit firmly into the latter category.

Some people simply ‘get’ food and the whole experience that goes with it; for me it is a vivid, colourful and vibrant journey, one that I have been fortunate to enjoy in many parts of the world. From the finest Teppanyaki in Kobe through to the most incredible Indian food that I actually found in Beijing of all places, I’ve been determined to indulge my love for food wherever I have travelled.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Organic Larder; the dishes that Hilary and our Head Chef Chris have created will I am sure be equally memorable to each of you, as you make your own journeys through the wonderful world of food.

My passion for exciting, good food very much came as second nature to me. Cookery has been a huge part of my life, having been influenced from a very young age from my parents, who had me in the kitchen as soon as I could climb onto the kitchen counter. Yes, you guessed it I was the classic finger in the cake bowl kind of child. I also got the food bug from my grandparents, who were in the industry themselves and who’s love for food was unquestionable.

Food to me has always been about bringing people together, being wowed by taste and creating fond memories. This is something I strive to create in every dish I produce. Some of my fondest memories are family gatherings around the rickety old dining room table, fighting for Nan’s Sunday roast before it barely dropped from her oven cloth! Nan’s roast was by far the best in the world. An opinion I am sure that is the same in many households, only mine is actually true.

Throughout my 14 years in the industry I have built up an exciting repertoire of appointments from the higher end restaurants in Essex all the way to 2 Michelin star establishments in and around the London area. Words could not encapsulate the sheer joy I have experienced working under such great names as Raymond Blanc, Tom Kerridge and Marcus Wareing. Not to mention working alongside many innovative, passionate young chefs who are part of the next generation of culinary talent.

Keeping up with the modern food trend is very important and The Organic Larder was presented to me recently whilst in search of the next stage of my career. The prospect of being involved with such a new, modern take on casual dining, bringing people together in a health- conscious way (the very reason I fell for the industry) was too greater opportunity to turn down.

I personally take no greater pride than creating enjoyment through my dishes and hope to see people returning over and over again, taking advantage of what is truly a unique little gem in the Essex area!

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