The very best food and dining experience at The Organic Kitchen

When we founded the Organic Kitchen restaurant we did so, not just because we wanted to deliver fresh healthy food and drink that has been responsibly and locally sourced, but also because we understood the need for the concept of an honest and open service.

It takes passion to serve meals which are freshly prepared each day and free from any additives, preservatives or colourings. To do this we undertake constant feedback with our customers and reviews across a whole host of social channels show, that we have come up with a winning formula as we seek to work with the best food producers in the UK.

In the same way that we welcome constant discussion about our ever-popular food and drink, it has become clear that customers have also told us about the ways in which we can give them an even better dining experience.

Due to the compact and intimate nature of our premises and in line with our need to serve food and beverages in the safest way possible, we have concluded that we are unable to accommodate prams, buggies and customers who have children under five years of age.

We have made this decision for the comfort of all of our clients and as a result of this the overwhelming reaction from the vast majority of our customers has been extremely positive.

Following the opening of the Organic Kitchen restaurant just three months ago, we have been proud to offer the best artisan food and drink to an ever increasing and ever loyal following. We continue to adapt and improve on both our product and our service and we are confident that new customers will be delighted by what they find.

The Organic Kitchen

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